God’s Eye View

1889474These are some of my favorite lines from Tommy Tenney’s book God’s Eye View.

“The Scriptures teach us that things are not as they appear from Earth, there is another perspective, the heavenly view.”

“the dragon is only a lizard”

“the lamb is really a lion”

“the baby Is actually the ancient of days”

“If you can’t see from where you are presently sitting, there is a better seat available. Worship and the angels will usher you to your reserved seat in the heavenly places and you will have God’s Eye View.”

This book has helped me to look at things differently.  Sometimes my perspective is so limited and out of focus that I must find a different way of seeing things.  It’s like looking at the same piece of land from the window of an airplane as compared to looking at it through the window of a car. You know that your eyes are looking at the same image, but the way you see it couldn’t be more different.

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