Give To Receive

There’s an old Bob Dylan song that says you’re gonna serve somebody. That’s very true. You are. It might be your boss or it might be your spouse. The truth is you need to give what you want to receive.

If you want love you need to give love. If you want to receive joy, give joy away. It’s important to remember that the only way to have a friend is to be a friend. We’ve all heard it a thousand times but it’s the truth. So, to start the flow, give something away first. Decide what you want, take whatever it is and give it away. It will come back to you, usually in larger quantities than you gave.

You can see this when you raise your children. As you raise children you work really hard to love them and care for them and do for them. Then after they’ve gotten older there are years and years when they give love and care back to you tenfold, which is the sweetest reward. It doesn’t look like it when they’re small and you are taking care of their every need but they eventually do grow up.  And however you’ve treated them is how they will treat you.

If you see someone who has a need and you have the wherewithal to take care of that need do it for them. In west Texas where most people rely on cars for transportation there are lots of flat tires, people having car troubles. You can stop to help them. We are still in a place in our society that you don’t have to be afraid of consequences if you do stop to help someone. You might take their tire to be fixed. You might call someone for them. And you’ll be surprised. The next time you need some help, they’ll be someone there to help you.

It’s the same idea with joy. Lots of times when you leave the house in the morning you have the hum-drums, don’t wanna do it blues. But putting a smile on your face is contagious. Other people will smile back at you, which in turn gives you what you needed to have a better day.

If you don’t have what you would consider a lot of money, enough money to give away, give away a little bit. For instance, you might go to a convenience store and the person in front of you might be a nickel short but you have an extra nickel. Give it to them. They’ll be so grateful. You’ll be surprised. The next time you need a nickel there will be a dime. It snowballs. It starts bringing more and more.

I believe that you can’t out-give God. So, whatever you are giving away give it as if you are giving it to God. He watches and sees and then it comes back to you. It’s great fun to see the cycle in action.

There’s a man I know who says you only get to keep what you give away. I love that saying.

It’s so true, you can’t hold on too tight. Don’t clutch it, don’t hoard it. Let it flow. And when you let it flow it brings life.

I’ve seen this work in my life. As a person who didn’t always have a lot I gave away whatever we had. People were always showing up at the kitchen table when the boys were younger. I’ll never forget how we would have just enough to feed everyone. And somehow or another if there were three more guys who sat down at the table there was enough food for them because everyone would share. Now those young boys are all grown men who still share their lives with me. The same was true with our homes. People would come to our house and just hang out. In turn it’s been wonderful to see that other people will open their homes up to me. It’s a blessing similar to the way I’ve blessed others. It’s really a sweet gift. I shared my life with others and now they are sharing their lives with me.

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