With A Little Effort

Ice Formations

I live in a place where the drinking water is not very good. In fact, if you get water out of the sink you can see things floating in it. If you make ice out of it, it’s just gross. The cubes are cloudy and as they melt they taste terrible. For years and years I’ve used bottled water. I have these three gallon bottles that I take to be filled. It’s not costly; it’s only seventy-five cents for three gallons. I use some of it to make ice so when I want to drink some water I have crystal clear water to drink and beautiful sparkling ice cubes. I love it when I pour water over the ice and it bursts, cracks with its purity. It takes so little effort for me to get nice drinking water. I enjoy a glass everyday and I love that I have something so pure to offer each of my guests.

I think the same is true in life. It doesn’t take much effort to make your make-up look a little nicer. It’s not difficult to iron your clothes before you walk out the door. A tiny bit of effort can make a huge difference. My invitation to you is to take the next step. Do that which makes things a little bit better and enjoy the rewards that come from it.

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