There is a disease running rampant across our nation. It is the destruction of the family unit. There was a time forty years ago when family was the most important thing in a person’s life. You made your decisions based on what was good for the family. When you married you committed for life. You […]

These are some of my favorite lines from Tommy Tenney’s book God’s Eye View. “The Scriptures teach us that things are not as they appear from Earth, there is another perspective, the heavenly view.” “the dragon is only a lizard” “the lamb is really a lion” “the baby Is actually the ancient of days” “If […]

I live in a place where the drinking water is not very good. In fact, if you get water out of the sink you can see things floating in it. If you make ice out of it, it’s just gross. The cubes are cloudy and as they melt they taste terrible. For years and years […]

I want to talk to you about something that is really hard to talk about because most of us do not want to deal with it, and that is death.  When somebody close to us dies or when somebody we are close to knows someone that has died, it’s a very difficult thing.  It’s hard […]

When my first son was born we lived in California. This was a big deal for me because I’m from west Texas and in west Texas there is a limited amount of water and trees. We have lakes, but they’re small and the only trees to be found are the ones you plant. So when […]

Flowers On Your Table

Let’s talk about something that is cheaper than therapy. When my life was really hard, had a lot of sad times, “gray days” as I call them, I learned to do something to help myself. It was cheaper than therapy. I would always put fresh flowers on my table or my desk. It didn’t matter […]

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